January 26, 2022

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CTrader Copy Strategy Provider

TheSufiTrader is a forex trader using the simplest forex trading strategy and minimal technical indicators while achieving great success. You can verify my live forex trading account on MyFXBook or copy all my trades on CTrader Copy. See for yourself how successful my forex trading strategy is. My current profit factor is an unparalleled score of 52 with close to 100% win ratio and an average of 200% absolute gain per month.

MyFXBook Account: TheSufiTrader FiboNasty 1.0

TheSufiTrader FiboNasty 1.0 MyFXBook

Copy Trade Forex

With forex social trading, you no longer need to spend many years figuring out how to start forex trading, staring at forex trading charts, analyzing technical indicator and market sentiments. You can now instantly be a copy trade forex trader and profit instantly through any of the popular forex social trading platforms including CTrader Copy, ZuluTrade copy trading, FBS copy trade, Exness social trading, FXBlue trade copier and many more. With these forex social trading platforms, all you need to do is to find the best forex traders to copy and start making money like the best forex traders in the market today.

CTrader Copy Strategy: TheSufiTrader FiboNasty 1.0

CTrader Copy FiboNasty 1.0

If you want to get started with forex trading but dread the thought of losing your hard earned money, then CTrader copy is what you need and TheSufiTrader is the CTrader Copy strategy provider that you should be following.